The Book and the Program by Boris Aranovitch

Unlock the Body’s Hidden Powers

Revolutionary discoveries
for your Health & Rejuvenation!

  • Breathing Exercises Instead of Fasting,
  • Detox the Body from within,
  • Activate Autophagy the Simple Way
  • Secrets of Effective Breathing

A simple but incredibly effective method based on 2 scientific discoveries that were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine

The Book and the Program by Boris Aranovitch

Unlock the Body’s Hidden Powers

Revolutionary discoveries
for your Health & Rejuvenation!

  • Breathing Exercises Instead of Fasting,
  • Detox the Body from within,
  • Activate Autophagy the Simple Way
  • Secrets of Effective Breathing

A simple but incredibly effective method based on 2 scientific discoveries that were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine


Did you know that the latest research shows that fat can be burned in the body much faster than previously thought. This can be achieved through Effective Breathing.

The same training can also help with the world’s biggest health problem – insulin resistance, which can lead to various diseases. To solve this problem, it is not enough to simply reduce sugar intake, you also need to increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Effective Breathing can help with this.


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Description of the “Smart Breathe” Set – Book and Trainer

With the book “Unlock Your Body’s Hidden Powers”, you will receive a breathing trainer that helps you create resistance while breathing and activating autophagy. This trainer can become your reliable assistant both during physical exercises and in everyday life.

Benefits of the Breathing Trainer:

  1. Creating Resistance While Breathing: Using the trainer creates resistance during inhalation and exhalation. This improves respiratory function and enhances overall endurance.
  2. Replacement for Breath-Holding: The trainer can be used instead of traditional breath-holding during workouts, making the process more convenient and effective.
  3. Activation of Autophagy: Use the trainer for 20-40 minutes throughout the day to stimulate autophagy processes. Autophagy helps clean cells of damaged components and maintain cellular health.

What You Will Learn from the Book “Unlock the Body’s Hidden Powers”:

  • Why Activate Autophagy and Hypoxia: Detailed explanations and scientific foundations on how these processes affect your health.
  • Practical Tips and Exercises: How to properly use breathing techniques for maximum effect.
  • Benefits for the Body: How to improve overall health, boost immunity, and increase vitality.

This book is written by internationally recognized health expert Boris Aranovitch

who has worked in the field of health for 47 years and is the author of 16 books, several health methods and interactive health programs. Both informative, based on the latest research, and practical, the book can be your guide to new health opportunities and serve as your personal trainer on the path to a healthier, disease-free life.

Through a combination of short-term, high-intensity and energizing exercises based on created oxygen deficiency (hypoxia), you can improve many health parameters. For example, you can start burning fat in your body in just five minutes, based on research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition: “Understanding the factors that affect maximal fat oxidation” by authors Troy Purdom, Len Kravitz, Karol Dokladny & Christine Mermier. Read about this excerpt from the book here. By devoting just 3 minutes per day to high-intensity hypoxia training, you can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer by up to 40%, which is also based on research (published in Nature Medicine, December 2022). Read the excerpt here. With the practical exercises in the book, you can improve such important health parameters as autophagy (cleansing at the cellular level), activate less active genes, eliminate glycation, which is one of the main problems of aging and wrinkles. You can significantly improve blood and lymph circulation as well as many other health parameters that are impossible to achieve with other health methods.

Getting younger, losing weight and feeling full of energy is now easier than ever before

Three with roots
Do you want to eliminate or reduce the root cause of health problems like glycation, which has harmful effects on the blood vessels, hormones, the blood and is a major cause of wrinkles?

Do you want to reduce the harmful effects of cell oxidation, which leads to serious problems like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and autoimmune problems? Do you want to activate one of the most important functions of the body, autophagy – the regular cleansing at the cellular level which gradually decreases with age and leads to many diseases? Then this book is for you. Don’t miss the chance to have a simple health tool that can solve many health problems and extend your life!

Discover the secrets to weight loss and health through breathing exercises

In our new book, we not only reveal how Effective Breathing for weight loss and breathing exercises for health can radically change your life, but we do so based on proven scientific research.

Learn how to lose weight with Effective Breathing, explore energy exercises for weight loss, and discover the world of exercise and hypoxia. All methods and techniques in the book are backed by scientific sources, guaranteeing you not only results but also safety.

This book is unique in its practical value and reveals the most important secrets of health and youth. This book can replace a thousand books read and save many healthy and happy years of life.


The benefits of Effective Breathing and the power of autophagy


 Effective Breathing not only promotes weight loss, but also has many benefits for your health. Our book Unlock Your Body’s Hidden Powers offers a unique approach to breathing exercises for weight loss, explaining why hypoxic training exercises can be the key to your well-being.

We also go into detail about the process of autophagy, which rejuvenates and revitalizes the body by activating the cells ’natural self-cleansing mechanisms. The Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of autophagy, which emphasizes the significance and scientific validity of this process.

Along with the e-book, you will get access to a program that teaches you how to perform the exercise to achieve maximum effect. The book also describes a week-long program of simple physical and breathing exercises that take no more than 20-30 minutes a day.

How to be healthy with breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are a powerful tool to improve your health and well-being. In this book, you will find programs and techniques to help you be healthy through simple exercises.

Our methods, based on the secrets of weight loss through breathing techniques and autophagy, demonstrate how you can effectively lose weight, improve your overall health and prolong the youthfulness of your body.

The effect of these exercises can be felt immediately thanks to a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, increased internal energy and a good mood.

Women wonts to weight loss

 Effective Breathing for beginners and the principles of autophagy

Book about health

If you are new to the world of h breathing exercises, our book offers a comprehensive guide, Effective Breathing for Beginners, to help you safely and effectively begin your journey to weight loss and a better health.

We also discuss the principles of autophagy in detail, teaching you how to trigger this process to rejuvenate and revitalize your body.

Our book is your comprehensive guide to using hypoxia and breathing exercises to achieve health and an ideal weight, with emphasis on autophagy as the method to create rejuvenation and health. All of the methods and techniques presented are backed by scientific research, making it both a useful and reliable resource for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle. Start your journey to better health and your ideal weight today by learning about the amazing exercises in this book!

What can you expect from Unlock Your Body’s Hidden Powers?

Did you know that there is a universal health method which is easy to use and provides you with enormous health benefits? This method can help you get rid of many health problems, improve your psychological health, eliminate depression and other psychological problems.
This method can also strengthen you immune system, vitalize your body and improve your mental clarity, which will improve your efficiency no matter your line of work.
It might all sound too good to be true, but this particular method improves your cells’ oxygen uptake, increases the blood flow in your cardiovascular system, activates your genes and stimulates autophagy in your body – improvements that can revolutionize your health!
There are many scientific studies backing this method, and we also have our own studies performed in India and China to prove its validity. You can read more about these studies here.
In addition, the author, Boris Aranovich, has over 47 years of experience in the alternative health field, which also vows for the potential and efficiency of this method.

Boris Aranovich. Health expert. Read more about Boris here.

Book cover

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is an important process in the body in which the cells cleanse themselves of waste products, toxins and other debris.
Hypoxia training triggers and reinforces autophagy, which results in these health benefits:

Cleansing inside the body:

With Effective Breathing, the body is able to quickly cleanse itself from damaged cells and defect DNA.


Prolonging life:

Autophagy processes, which are accelerated by Effective Breathing, trigger rejuvenation mechanisms, which can help to prolong your life span.


A powerful healing effect:

Effective Breathing is a scientifically proven way to promote self-healing, and it is an easy method to learn.


When the body is unable to eliminate waste products and toxins effectively, problems such as blockages in the blood- and lymph flow and accumulation of fluids often arise. This in turn, can cause many serious negative effects on your health.

The Nobel prize in 2016

One of the major discoveries regarding autophagy was made by the Japanese scientist Yoshinori Oshumi. He was awarded the Nobel prize in 2016 for his work. Oshumi discovered the mechanisms behind autophagy and how the cells are able to cleanse themselves from debris and pathogenic micro-organisms.
Autophagy Prize

 Effective Breathing

This cleansing mechanism is often dramatically reduced with age, which can lead to many diseases and a shortened life. After the discovery by the Japanese scientist, a large nummer of studies were initiated to find a medicine which could activate autophagy. The natural way to activate autophagy is to severely reduce the intake of calories and to fast.
In 2019, three scientists, William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza received the Nobel prize for their discovery that hypoxia (lack of oxygen) also leads to autophagy.

Unlock Your Body’s Hidden Powershelps you to create hypoxia with easy-to do exercises based on a combination of breathing- plus physical exercises and laying on of hands plus breathing exercises. These exercises are more effective than fasting.
Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich

Health Expert

Blocking the mTOR complex helps rejuvenation

The mTOR-complex is a well-known protein in the cells which accelerates several negative processes in the body, such as aging, the development of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The scientific community views blocking of the mTOR complex as one of the main factors that counteracts aging. 

Scientific research is taking place all over the world to find new ways to block the mTOR complex in order to avoid health problems. By activating the cells’ autophagy and create a moderate lack of oxygen, you can block the mTOR complex naturally. You will learn to do this in the program.

 Effective Breathing activates your genes

In each cell nucleus, there are DNA molecules which contain genes. These genes are responsible for the regulation and governing of the body’s biochemical reactions. The genes give instructions for the production of proteins, which the body needs for its various functions.
Certain genes are active while others are less active or dormant, in particular in an aging body. With time, the activity of the genes diminish as the cells become increasingly more polluted and oxidized. If the genes are not functioning properly, health problems can arise. Poorly functioning genes is a major factor affecting our health negatively.


 Effective Breathing activates your lymphatic flow

Our lymphatic system plays an important part when it comes to cleansing the body as it removes the waste products. However, as with the body’s other fluids, also the lymphatic fluids can stagnate, which can cause a number of health problems. In the program, we use laying on hands to activate the lymphatic flow.

By holding a hand on a body part, heat is created and the circulation of all fluids is increased, including the lymph. It is important to understand that the lymph always flows in a certain direction. Following the instructions in the program ensures that you activate the lymphatic flow in the correct direction.

Eliminate tension and burn body fat

This unique program offers you the possibility to reduce or eliminate tension in specific body parts and burn body fat at the same time. You do this by tensing a body part and then relaxing it while holding your breath. In this process, the body opens up its reserve capillaries which increases the blood circulation. Simultaneously, the environment lacking oxygen turns more acidic, which makes the fat cells release fat, which leads to the burning of body fat.


Becoming effective

Becoming more effective is a popular goal in today’s society. Sometimes we feel like we are working more effectively, other times less so. It is interesting to learn what lies behind these variations in efficiency, and one factor that can influence our efficiency is our brain waves.

Brain waves are electrical signals generated by the brain and can be measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG). There are different kinds of brain waves and they vary in frequency and amplitude, and each type is associated with certain mental conditions and activities.

Science shows us that the brain’s efficiency increases when the activity of the Alpha and- and Beta waves increases. By activating these waves, we can become much more effective in our work, saving both time and money. Hypoxia training is a method which is able to activate these brain waves, and in one of our own studies consisting of 25 people, 90% of the attendees increased their levels of Alpha- and Beta waves after only 5 minutes of hypoxia training. We used the, well proven, measuring device called Alfa (HRV Analys), which measures a large number of health parameters, including our brain waves.


Amazing possibilities

Hundreds of studies have explored dosed hypoxia and its ability to activate the body’s healing power.
These studies have shown a number of health effects that no other method has been able to achieve. It is this ground-breaking knowledge that is the basis of the book “Awaken the Body’s Hidden Powers”. The book is not only a story of the amazing possibilities opened up for health and beauty through these methods, but it also offers concrete and practical exercises to achieve these possibilities.


What our clients say

“The book – Unlock the body’s hidden powers – is an invaluable resource for anyone striving to optimize their health. It is filled with innovative exercises designed to awaken your body’s inherent potential.

Imagine being able to slow down the aging process and fill each day with energy and joy! This is possible with the advice and techniques contained in this book. I would highly recommend the book as a handbook for health.”

Ewa Arvidsson

“The book – Unlock the body’s hidden powers – is not just a book, it is a revolutionary journey towards improved health and vitality! Imagine having access to a treasure trove of innovations and exercises that are both concrete and easy to perform, all based on groundbreaking scientific discoveries. This is exactly what this book offers and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live healthy!”

Karin Janzon

“I have been living with too much stress for a very long time. Eventually I developed rosacea on my face, which looked terrible and was very painful. I tried many therapies to get rid of it, which added to my stress. It wasn’t until I started hypoxia training that things turned around. Now I am finally getting better and better with no setbacks and my whole body is feeling better and better. Really incredible things happen in the body when you do hypoxia training regularly! THANK YOU Boris for so generously sharing your vast knowledge!”

Helena Tibblin

“Unlock the body’s hidden powers” is more than highly recommended – the book is a necessity for anyone serious about taking control of their health.

The exercises improve my health in small ways and only take a small amount of time out of the day to complete, making the whole approach of the book very accessible to everyone. I am deeply grateful to the author of the book for spending so much time keeping up with all the new research and then making it available to us readers. Hypoxia training can really change our whole approach to healing ourselves and without the need for medication. After reading the book and learning the exercises, I look forward to taking care of my health and helping my body to heal on a deeper level. I want to say a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart to Boris and his team for making this possible for all of us!”

Liselotte Hjorth

“After an accident in the sledding hill almost 3 years ago, I have had pain in my left shoulder that no treatment has been able to remedy in a sustainable way. Already after a week with the author’s program, mainly focusing on my shoulder in the various exercises, the pain has decreased significantly and I no longer think about it regularly during the day. My fitness also improved markedly, as I could suddenly run up to the 5th floor without getting lactic acid in my thighs or getting particularly short of breath, which I’ve always experienced before. It was very cool to experience this with such simple means.”

Anna Baard-Blixt

“Without your methods, I would still probably be completely bedridden if I were even alive.

I have no age-related problems at all and expect to be completely free of my original disease soon.

Thanks to the fact that I have been able to use your methods and tools effortlessly and for a long time, my body is in such good condition because careful Hypoxia training works. (ME sufferers are not recommended training by doctors because it can worsen the disease itself).

But now it feels like it’s possible that Hypoxia training could also be another tool to use to gain muscles and general body strength, which I get great benefit from. So I am incredibly grateful for how lucky I have been in life to meet you.

With great gratitude

Viveka Wilner